SG 12

addresssold PriceSold DateType 
Oceanic House, Star Street, SG12 7AA£239,99522 Dec 2017

1 bed flat
Fusion Court, Broadmeads, SG12 9EJ£245,00021 Dec 20171 bed flat
Stewart Place, Station Road, SG12 9UN

£265,00004 Dec 20172 bed flat
Star Holme Court, SG12 7EA£220,50018 Dec 20171 bed flat
Church Street, SG12 9EH£367,50014 Dec 20173 bed terraced

Tudor Walk, SG12 9XE£420,00015 Dec 20173 bed terraced

Railway View, SG12 9JR£317,50030 Oct 2017new flat
Railway View, SG12 9JR£310,50031 Oct 2017
2 bed new flat

Railway View, SG12 9JR£314,00031 Oct 20172 bed new flat

Railway View, SG12 9JR£306,50008 Nov 2017new flat

SG 13

addresssold PriceSold DateType 
Heathgate, SG13 7PJ£370,00008 Aug 20173 bed semi-Detached

London Road, SG13 7RH£375,00018 Dec 20173 bed terraced

London Road, SG13 7RJ£415,00019 Dec 20173 bed semi-Detached

London Road, SG13 7RL£395,00015 Dec 2017new semi-Detached

Downfield Road, SG13 7RX

£675,00001 Dec 20174 bed detached
Harrison Lane, SG13 8FE£482,00012 Dec 20173 bed terraced
Plomer Avenue, EN11 9FS£430,00017 Aug 20174 bed detached
Badgers Close, SG13 7UU£410,00015 Dec 2017

3 bed terraced

Badgers Close, SG13 7UU£332,50015 Dec 2017

2 bed terraced

High Wood Road, EN11 9AZ

£425,00018 Dec 20173 bed semi-Detached

SG 14

addresssold PriceSold DateType 
Castle View, Parliament Square, SG14 1AT£296,00019 Jan 2018

2 bed flat

Fore Street, SG14 1AL£250,00005 Jan 20181 bed flat

Waters Edge, Thornton Street, SG14 1QH£535,00017 Jan 20183 bed terraced

Queens Road, SG13 8AZ£1,050,000

14 Dec 20174 bed detached

Queens Road, SG13 8AZ

£700,00014 Dec 20174 bed semi-Detached

St Johns Street, SG14 1RX£699,99508 Sep 2017terraced
Gwynns Walk, SG13 8AD£415,00019 Jan 20184 bed semi-Detached
The Waterfront, SG14 1SD£372,50003 Nov 2017

03 Nov 2017

2 bed flat
Elder Court, Mead Lane, SG13 7GD£310,000

12 Jan 2018
2 bed flat
Media House, 40, Ware Road, SG13 7AB
£473,00014 Sep 2017

new flat



addresssold PriceSold DateType 
The Wharf, Malthouse Mews, SG12 9FA£795,00003-Aug-17new terraced
Wickhams Wharf, SG12 9PT£405,00027-Oct-173 bed flat
Albany Mews, SG12 7AL£172,00030 Nov 20171 bed flat
Tudor Walk, SG12 9XE£420,00015 Dec 20173 bed terraced
Clements Street, SG12 7AG£275,00030 Nov 20172 bed semi-Detached
Crib Street, SG12 9HG£230,00013 Oct 20172 bed flat
Sutton Court, SG12 9FH£285,00001 Dec 20172 bed flat
Homefield Road, SG12 7NE£420,00028 Nov 20174 bed semi-Detached
Milton Road, SG12 0PZ£460,00027 Oct 20173 bed semi-Detached
Musley Hill, SG12 7NL£425,00012 Dec 20173 bed semi-Detached


addresssold PriceSold DateType 
Queens Road, SG13 8AZ£922,00007 Dec 20175 bed semi-Detached
Pimlico Court, Pegs Lane, SG13 8EB£135,000224 Nov 20172 bed flat
Dimsdale Street, SG14 1PH£485,00006 Sep 2017terraced
Chauncy Court, SG14 1DU£200,00030 Nov 20172 bed flat
Crosier Place, SG14 1SQ£810,00030 Nov 20173 bed terraced
Ware Road, SG13 7HH£490,00004 Dec 20173 bed semi-Detached
Smeaton Court, SG13 7AN£286,00017 Oct 2017flat
Ashbourne Gardens, SG13 8BQ£470,00030 Nov 20172 bed flat
Newland Gardens, SG13 7WN£540,00013 Nov 20174 bed terraced
Smeaton Court, SG13 7AU£255,00022 Sep 20171 bed flat


addresssold PriceSold DateType 
Bank House, Tower Close, SG13 7WR£800,00007 Dec 20172 bed detached
Priors Close, SG13 7QN£517,00010 Nov 20173 bed detached
Plomer Avenue, EN11 9FQ£240,00017 Nov 20172 bed flat
Plomer Avenue, EN11 9FR£225,00021 Aug 20172 bed flat
Plomer Avenue, EN11 9FR£224,00030 Aug 20172 bed flat
Plomer Avenue, EN11 9FP£232,50027 Nov 20172 bed flat
The Briars, SG13 7TR£305,00017 Nov 20172 bed terraced
Henmarsh Court, SG13 8FB£266,00028 Jul 20171 bed flat
Gypsy Close, SG12 9RW£849,00003 Nov 20173 bed detached
Foxes Close, SG13 7UA£345,00017 Nov 20172 bed terraced